TriHitch Pro Staff


Bobby Frey


Bobby grew up in Central Texas and started hunting when he was 7 years old. He began sitting in the blind with his dad before taking his first whitetail deer at age 9. After hunting the Hill Country with a rifle, he switched to archery. Being a prominent tripod and ladder stand hunter, he soon found that having a bow in his lap was more cumbersome than a rifle. After looking at some of the bow holders on the market, he was disappointed with what was offered. He set out to design a holder that was simple, efficient, and kept the bow at your fingertips. After several prototypes and years of testing, the TriHitch was born. Now he puts his focus on sharing the product with other hunters! 


Paul Fuller

Pro Staff


Paul grew up hunting dove on public land with his Dad and brothers. Although they never shot anything, good times were had and he enjoyed hunting outdoors. When he met his future wife at age 16, he was introduced to whitetail hunting in Pontotoc, Texas on her family's land. After becoming an expert rifleman, he was given the chance to shoot a deer with a bow and was hooked. He was enamored with archery and didn't shoot a deer for 3 years with his rifle. Now that his oldest son is of "sitting in a deer stand" age, he now enjoys rifle hunting again with his boys. The next challenge for Paul will be backcountry hunting in the Northwest for mule deer and elk. 


Dillon Chevalier


Pro Staff

Dillon harvested his first deer at 8 years old with a rifle while sitting in a makeshift ground blind with his dad in the Piney Woods of Northeast Texas. He transitioned into archery hunting at age 12 and has been an avid bowhunter ever since. Primarily hunting whitetails in Central Texas, he was introduced to the TriHitch, which is now his bow holder of choice. Other than hunting, Dillon's interests include educating our youth and adults in safe and ethical hunting practices, while also instilling a sense of pride toward conservation in the hunting community.